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Xulhaz Mannan


Bangladesh needs to bring Xulhaz's killers to justice

It was April 25, 2016 and human rights defender Xulhaz Mannan [pronounced Jhool haz] was in his apartment with a colleague. Suddenly, men wielding machetes burst in and hacked them to death. Despite ample evidence, including CCTV footage and eyewitness testimony, the killers have gotten away with murder.

Act Now

  • Write a letter to the Bangladesh Home Minister
  • Tell him to ensure Xulhaz’s killers are brought to justice
  • Asaduzzaman Khan
  • Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Bangladesh Secretariat, Building – 8
  • Dhaka
  • Bangladesh
  • Salutation: Dear Home Minister

Asaduzzaman Khan
Bangladesh Secretariat, Building – 8

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