1. Support the campaign by adding our #Write4Rights overlay to your Facebook and Twitter profile photo! Click the photo to start.

2. Join and invite friends to the national Facebook Event. If your local event has a Facebook event, share that one, too!

3. Like and Share Amnesty's Write for Rights posts on Facebook and Twitter

4. Share a photo of yourself with a sign supporting Write for Rights! Add the hashtags #Write4Rights and/or #W4R16 and tag @AmnestyNow (Twitter)/@AmnestyCanada (Instagram)!

Sample Messages:

  • I’m joining #Write4Rights because a letter can change a life. Are you? SIGN UP>
  • You're invited to the #Write4Rights letter writing party in #Hamilton! JOIN ME>
  • Write a letter. Change a life. Join me for this year’s #Write4Rights:

5. Share your favourite Write for Rights videos!

6. Take solidarity photos! Share a message of support with the Indigenous peoples of the Peace River valley, Maxima Acuna or people seeking asylum in Australia.

7. Live tweet on December 10! Tell the world why you #Write4Rights. If you're hosting an event, tell everyone how it's going! Be sure to Join our Twitter Party @ 4 PM EST >>Full instructions here.